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“I was in the middle of a crisis with no clue what to do next, like literally.  I remembered Katie helped people but was not quite sure what she did, so I called her and after one conversation I knew she could help me.

There were days before we talked that I was not sure what she could say to help me, but there was always something. ALWAYS!!!

We laughed together, cried together, and I always left my session with a clear direction of what to do next.

Since working with Katie, I now know that all that I struggled with before is manageable. 

I am strong, intelligent, creative, and resourceful. 

I can do hard things that I have never had to do before and I am okay to get out of my own way when I need to decompress.”





“Prior to coaching with Katie, I felt like I was a slave to my emotions and old unhealthy coping patterns. I felt like a hypocrite and experienced a lot of self hatred.


It was hard to find the motivation to get up in the morning. I felt like I was in a fog and couldn’t communicate my thoughts very well which was very frustrating. I wasn’t nourishing my mind or body and it was becoming very obvious that I needed some serious intervention or at least a different perspective.  


Since coaching with Katie, I am much kinder to myself and am practicing more self-compassion. This makes it easier to create new coping skills and release from old trauma.


I had my longest stretch in a decade of not engaging in a particularly damaging negative coping mechanism. For many years, I didn’t believe that was possible.


Katie approaches coaching with curiosity. I feel heard, seen, and valued every time we talk. She never makes me feel bad if I backslide or had a rough week. She somehow knows just what to say (or not say) and lets me take charge of my healing.


I don’t know if there is anyone I wouldn’t recommend this coaching to. I think we all have something we struggle to let go of in our lives. It’s amazing what happens when you let yourself live in possibility. Katie has helped me shape a life I never would have imagined 6 months ago.


- E.M.     


“Even if I'm having a rough or anxious day, knowing I have the support and sounding board to talk to once a week is helpful. I find I'm never too far down a rabbit hole, and Katie has really been there for me outside of our scheduled calls when I have been in crisis. She is really invested in a loving, supportive, and affirmative way. 

I have been to other therapists and coaches who have been so quick to judge me, so quick to label. Katie has never made me feel like I was a problem to be fixed and that my friends is why she's the best!

Everyone needs a Katie! She will keep you on track and help you to unlock your best self. She will also be your biggest cheerleader. 

I would say Katie's work combines the best of cognitive behavior therapy without making it text book and sterile. The work I do with her feels so human. I think her background as an actor/ yoga teacher/ caregiver is something I deeply resonate with. I'm so grateful for her support!”


- E.W.     


“Before coaching with Katie, I hated my job but was afraid to look for another job. I was stressed out in my relationship because I wasn’t confident in myself. I had big goals for myself but anxious about them. I wasn’t in touch with myself. I felt like I completely vanished throughout the pandemic. I wanted to find myself and get that fire blazing again.


Katie makes you feel like you are old friends instantly! I never felt judged. I was comfortable being honest with her. 


Katie is very natural and easy to talk to. She has great energy. I had sessions where I was sad and quiet, loud and angry, and happy and hyper- she can facilitate all of that.   


She was extraordinary at helping me break down my issues. Once I understood my road blocks, I could overcome them. 


Since coaching with Katie, I feel like myself again! There was a time I was so hopeless, I wasn’t sure I could get there. I committed to the work for six months and through that time I started to feel bits of me coming back to life.  


Six months seemed like a long time. Now I see this what a difference it makes. It actually sped up my process to go all in. 


I figured out what I actually wanted.  I realized a lot about myself that served me in making big moves!”




“I was in a pretty dark place and feeling very stuck. I've taken a few workshops that Katie led a few years prior. I knew that her coaching style would only benefit me and jumped at the chance to work with her again.


Katie's willingness to "meet me where I am" was so validating and made being honest about times I struggled a lot easier. In the past, I would feel like I was letting someone down if they were trying to help me and I wasn't meeting goals or doing the homework. Katie comes from a place of curiosity instead of judgement.

I can think I'm examining my problem from every angle.... and then Katie would pose one thought or question which shifted my whole perspective. I didn't realize how tightly I hold onto my beliefs.

It is so hard to cultivate self love when we are trying to drop habits that don't serve us. Katie is a wonderful mind healer and speaks to the inner child who is scared and doesn't know what to do next. 


Katie holds space for me to be in the darkness while reminding me that the light is just a switch away....but she always lets me be the one to turn it on. 


I am incredibly grateful to know her and to have gotten the chance to work with her.”


- L.M.     



Before working with Katie I was at an impasse. I felt aimless and overwhelmed.. I finally made the decision to get support because I had to move out of feeling stuck--to have some sort of momentum. 


Since being on this journey, I’m most proud of my changes in lifestyle/habits.

I’ve made incredible mindset shifts like curbing my inner critic and speaking to myself in a kinder way. This resulted in feeling less stressed and not setting my self up to be overwhelmed and quitting.


I love Katie’s positive, open nature. My favorite thing about working with Katie is her ability to listen, process and give you tools to take small steps at a time.


She is a terrific coach that has supported me through a huge emotional transition.







“I loved watching Katie’s reels & how she shared on her Instagram. I was interested in how a “life coach” could help me - so I gave it a shot & am so glad I did! 


Katie listened in a non judgmental way and I left every call feeling inspired to do the work. She helped me question my brain, and its BS thoughts that were definitely not serving me. 


I developed new ways of thinking about certain circumstances (what I couldn’t do on my own in the past) and ultimately felt confident enough to launch a small business! 


I highly recommend coaching with Katie… if you are even a tiny bit curious - listen to that voice, take the leap, you won’t regret it!”


- H.V.     


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