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Working with Katie

“So like… How does it work?”


Great question!


I work 1:1 with clients for six months at a time.*


Over the course of our work we will have a session once a week (either via phone or zoom) at a designated day/time. (Total of 24 sessions)


I will also be available for additional support via text/email as needed in between calls. (I will respond to your message within 24 hours.)


“Why six months*?”


I am teaching you a brand new skill set.  Learning to communicate and interact with yourself in a new way is a lot like learning a new language.  


If you’ve never spoken French before, you wouldn’t take a handful of classes and then expect yourself to go to Paris and be completely fluent!


Learning any new skill take consistent practice, so I want to ensure that you have that.  


Also, at some point, life is bound to get in the way and throw you off course.  It’s so important to be able to allow for that as part of the learning process.  Not only to allow for some extra breathing room when there is a set back, but also to be able to learn HOW to navigate these challenges differently when they arise in real time. 


“What will we talk about?”


That’s entirely up to you my friend!  I don’t have a pre-planned agenda.  Our conversations are always client-led. 


That means your goals, your thoughts, your struggles, and whatever happens to be going on in your life that day, will dictate what we discuss and work on. 


We will come up with some long and short term goals to move towards during our time, but we will always allow space for life to throw a curveball or two our way.  


“What if I can’t make one of our sessions?”


No worries!  Life happens! 


If you can’t make your regularly scheduled time, we can work together to find an alternate time within that same week for a make-up, or we can add an extra session to the end of your package.


(* Please note that ALL make-ups must be completed within 7 months of your first session date**)


“What will I have to do?”


You never HAVE to do anything, but, like anything, you will get out of this what you put into it.


All I ask is that you SHOW UP with an open heart and mind!

Our work together is a collaboration.  I truly believe that YOU are always the best authority of yourself and your life. 


My job is to help you learn how to access your own innate wisdom.  I will do that by offering different perspectives, making suggestions for new things to try on, and asking questions that might challenge you, but YOU are always in charge.

"How much does it cost?"

The total cost of the six-month package is $3000.  This price can be broken down into six monthly payments of $500. 


I also offer a 10% discount if you prefer to make a one time payment up front (total of $2700 for the full six months).***

“How do I get started?


Click here to schedule your complimentary consult call. 


If you and I decide that my support is a good fit that feels like your next best step, we can go ahead and get the show on the road!

*Youth packages are three months long (Total of 12 sessions via zoom)

** Make ups for youth clients must be completed within 4 months of the first session date

*** Total cost of the youth package is $1500 (3 payments of $500, or a one time payment of $1350 which includes the 10% pay-in-full discount)

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